Hair Services

Women's Haircut
Master Creative Director (Ben Sharifian)  $75
Senior Hairstylist                                       $50
Junior Hairstylist                                        $25
Men's Haircut
Master Creative Director (Ben Sharifian)  $35
Senior Hairstylist                                       $25
Junior Hairstylist                                        $15
Hair Colour
Colour                            From $  55
Foil Highlights      
Partial Highlights           From $  75
Full Highlights               From $125
Individual Foil                          $  10
Ombre/Balayage             From $140
(plus Cost of Wash, Blowdry and Style)   $35
Permanent Waves 
Perm                                   From $  95
Spiral Perm                          From $125
Additional Services
Deep Conditioning Treatment   From $ 20
Wash, Blowdry and Style          From $30
Up-dos                                       From $65
Variations will be priced accordingly.
Hair service pricing does not include HST
OAPLEX in Toronto

Olaplex is a revolutionary product that works on every hair types helping multiply bonds and cross-bonds, repairing your hair and prepare it before chemical services.

African American, Asian, Caucasian and previously chemically processed and virgin hair, are all hair types where you can use Olaplex on.

So, what is exactly OLAPLEX?

This product / service is free of silicone or oils, it links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.
Imagine dye your hair even at 40 volumes and not having even one broken or damaged hair.
Olaplex is healthier and stronger hair and since today you can have it as a service in our salon.

Olaplex colour =$30 in addition to regular colour/highlight service per application
Olaplex Mask = $40 per application